What is Affiliate Box?

The Affiliate Box is an affiliate program that provides a free affiliate membership with zero start up costs. The program allows its members to earn money for promoting a highly popular and internationally recognized online web visitor tracking service known as provides the most essential website traffic analysis service commonly used by blog and social network users, professional and amateur webmasters and organizations worldwide. By providing a service subscription reseller opportunities, Affiliate box creates a truly unlimited potential for affiliate money making opportunities.

How does the Affiliate Box work?

The Affiliate Box works the same way as any other referral programs. In the example of your local bank, if you refer a friend or a family member to your local bank and he or she signs up for an account, your bank will award you with a thank you gift.

With Affiliate Box, you will have your own member ID you can embed into any link on your website or your email. When a web visitor clicks on that link and signs up for subscription, you will receive 80% commissions off the subscribers’ first month payment up to $23.96 per each subscriber. All you need to have is a free PayPal account and you're ready to earn extra supplementary income in no time.

How does an affiliate promote the product?

Affiliate Box programs provide registered members a direct access to the online system that allows effective management of affiliate earnings and statistics within one central gateway. Our affiliate program provides you with a full range of marketing materials and tools such as pre-made web banners, text ads and text links to attract potential customers. Furthermore, affiliates are encouraged to use their own methods of promotions, such as writing their own service review in your own native language or translating the service offers page into different languages that would further help to convert the readers into buyers.

Benefits of being an Affiliate Box Affiliate   Affiliate Box Features
Excellent earning potential
  With a highly popular service from and marketing tools
provided, the affiliates are presented with
true opportunities.
Product affordability
  With the service that’s competitively priced
and unique by design, customer conversion
equals an affiliate advantage.
Mainstream industry
  With ever growing Internet business establishments, the market for product will only keep expanding.

Real-time performance data & charts
  The simple to use and understand system allows affiliates to quickly evaluate the peformance of their marketing efforts in short term.
Zero Investment and low pay cap
  With no costs involved to join the program and a low $50 payout cap, the affiliates are in full involvement control.
Marketing tools simplified
  All affiliate marketing banners, text ads, text links and hover ads are conveniently provided in copy and paste format.

Sign up today for free and receive a $10 sign up bonus.

When you join our program, your account will be credited $10. Then, once your commissions earn you $40, you'll be promptly paid $50 total in commissions.