Understanding of the process

Understanding of the process is the key. Now that you have the tools to work with, you can quickly integrate them into your various marketing schemes. To give you a basic example of how the system works, we'll give you a quick run down on the process.

To summarize the concept, you are provided with ready to use banners, text ads and links that you can simply copy and paste in the content of your website(s), blogs, and emails to generate the traffic to the subscription page. When a visitor clicks on any of the above, he or she will be flagged with your affiliate ID so that as soon as this visitor buys the subscription, your affiliate account will be credited commissions generated from the purchase. It usually takes about 6 business days to reflect the credit on your account. That's All!

Quick start

Follow the steps below to quickly jump start using your marketing tools.

  1. Login to your account
  2. Click on [Tools] menu
  3. Click on the desired type of marketing tool
  4. Select a promo tool that you'd like to use
  5. Copy and paste the code into the body of text where you promote your affiliate product.

Essential marketing methods

Whether you have a new or existing website setup with your affiliate tools, or even if you do not have intention of making your own website, you'll need to insure you get a proper attention to the product you are promoting. There are two aspects to the process:

  1. Promoting your affiliate links and your own website
  2. Generating an interest in the product you are featuring

First of all, if you intend to promote the product online, get your own free tracker here. This will help you to see how your website or blog is doing.

Promoting your affiliate product

Here’s the list of most common marketing methods you can utilize to promote your affiliate tools and links. The list will often refer to your affiliate link, which you can get by logging to your account and clicking on [Tools] menu. The second tab will have your personalized link you can use to link text and images with. You can either promote the website(s) where you feature your affiliate product or directly advertise the product with your affiliate links. These marketing practices are listed in the order of short term efficiency, with the slowest but nevertheless important listed on the bottom of the list.

  1. Friends, coworkers and family referrals
    Tell your friends, coworkers and family about the product and your experience with it. Email them either your affiliate link or send them to your website where you've featured the product.

  2. Electronic and printed methods of communications
    Use the tools that you use every day to communicate with people

    • Emails - add a signature line to the bottom of your outgoing emails and auto responders promoting the website where you have your affiliate links
    • Printed correspondence - if you pay bills via regular mail, or write any type of letters, place a business card or a flyer in each letter to promote the website where you have your affiliate links

  3. Pay-per-click programs
    This is a great way to get the results fast. You can either embed your affiliate links directly in your Pay-per-click programs such as Google AdSense or point your Pay-per-click campaign to the page where you promote the product. You can find the highly effective keywords for your Pay-per-click campaigns using this tool.

  4. Writing reviews and articles
    This is another great way to obtain fast and effective results and dramatically increase the sales of the product you're promoting. As you have probably used and have experience with the service, write your own review on the service making emphasis on all features that you've liked and how it helped you with making your website better. If you speak more than one language, make a translation of your reviews and articles to broaden the target audience. Then point the readers with your affiliate link to the product page.

  5. Writing tutorials
    This is a highly effective method as well, with potentially even higher buyer conversion factor. You can educate potential buyers and existing users with with your knowledge of service. Even provide them with tips and tricks you've discovered. Write a detailed tutorial on how to use the service with websites, how to navigate and what to expect. Explore the ideas. Be creative. If you speak more than one language, make a translation of your reviews and articles to broaden the target audience while embedding your affiliate links throughout your tutorials to point the readers to the product page.

  6. Promoting your articles, reviews and tutorials
    When you have your content, there are many ways to promote it. Promoting reviews, articles and tutorials is one of the best methods to attract potential buyers besides the benefits you provide to people. Some of the most common promotion methods for your articles and tutorials are:

    • Posting on websites / blogs
    • Use newspaper classifieds to point readers to your articles and tutorials
    • Send personalized emails to your friends, coworkers and family with the link to your articles and tutorials
    • Send mass emails with help of services such as and
    • Participate in online forums on various topics and share your knowledge about website visitor trackers.
    • Get some business cards printed with the web address of your featured articles and/or tutorials

Promoting your own website

Website promotion is something that doesn't bring results instantly but is rewarding in the long run. Your website is your business property, but like any other business establishments, it takes dedication, time and a time period to get it working. Those who are interested in quick cash don't usually gain any results and end up trying different business opportunities until frustration takes over, making these people abandon everything all together. This happens quite too often! On the other hand, those who search for a supplemental income and are persistent in their business endeavors, very often, with time, get awarded with generous returns that compensates for all the time spent with more income than expected. Furthermore, the supplemental income eventually becomes a principle income. This is called success.

There are different ways to proceed with promoting of your website, with some ways quicker than the others. However, you should not disregard those marketing methods that work slower as they are VERY important in the long run.

  1. Search engine submissions and optimization
    If you have your own website, this is the most essential step to take. Some very basic web page optimization for so called meta tags and text positioning will make the difference in how much traffic will be generated. Certainly you have to have the right content to attract the targeted traffic. Make a research on search engine submissions and optimization using Google and you'll find plenty of free articles that will help you in that direction.
  2. Web Directory submissions
  3. Social bookmarking
  4. Pay-per-click programs
  5. Email campaigns
  6. References and link in online forums
  7. Printed flyers and post cards targeted at local audience

In other words, be creative, have fun and be persistent with your business development.

Good luck!